All Alone & On My Own

For a typical young female such as myself, the prospect of travelling alone can be both exciting and scary.  

Some thoughts I had before this trip: 

"omfg Im going to get 'Taken' or kidnapped and mutliated like those kids in Hostel 1, 2, &3!!!" (...stupid scary movies dampering my solo travel groove :P)

"I'm going to somehow lose all of my shit and end up in big doo doo...."  (this one I don't mind so much because it has precautionary use)

"Yippee!! I'm going to be freeeee!!!"  (Awww yeaaaaah)

All in all, I have to say travelling solo has way more perks so far than downfalls. First, you get to make your own schedules, you don't have to consult anyone else, booking on the fly is way easier and cheaper, and it makes you get the heck out of your comfort zone. Sure, sometimes it's lonely and uncofortable, but I'm learning to take those moments as personal growth fertilizer (organic and non gmo of course). Another little plus, you meet people much easier because they see you and they go , " hey there little lady, what the heck are you doing travelling all by your lonesome?" Okat that sounds a little creepy the way I put it just now, but you get the jist - approaching others is waaaaayyy easier when they're not surrounded by a horde of compadres ;)

Some key tips for you lone wolves out there: 

1. That stupid fanny pack thing your mom gives you to wear under your clothes so your you don't get your valuables stolen - I know it's ugly and probably won't go with any of your skin tights or crop tops, but wear it anyways damnit! Wear it proud! Ok but don't make it so obvious that you've got that thing tucked under because then all the pick pocketers and cute guys will know and that's no good, but you get my flow, right? XD

2. Carry at least 3 locks with you: 

lock your bags, lock your wallet, lock your make up case, LOCK IT ALL UP!

Sure they may make you seem a little overprecautious, but who flippin cares if you're the only one in the hostel who has never gotten their stuff stolen! (Whooo! Go you!) 

3. Love the Hostel, Embrace the Hostel, because Hostels are Awesome!  

Really they are, you'll meet lots of people, end up doing all kinds of fun things together, and learn to branch out and try new things. Yes some are not as fancy as others and yes you most likely will need to use a communal shower, but who cares!!! It's fun and it's not forever ;) 

5. Have a budget and a backup plan for that budget

Seriously, you never know what kind of smack will happen to your funds. Carry cash, a credit card, and a travelex card (it's a prepaid, reloadable, travel savvy debit card). Currently Im missing the third, and the second is being renewed so this is a personal lesson I am bestowing unto you, lucky, lucky wanderlusting reader. Know what kind of traveller you are, (Life of luxury, treats themselves from time to time, tight budget, or a cheese and crackers type), plan your budget accordingly, and pack your suitcase according to how much shopping you anticipate doing (Im seriously restraining myself at the moment, but ohhh man do I miss a good shop til you drop day)

5. Keep an open mind (to try new things, accept new people & cultures, and most importantly - eat new foods) and keep open eyes (to make sure you don't get sick, injured, or robbed, and so you can take pretty pretty pictures). 


I hope this helps! I'll keep you guys posted about my latest adventures within the week ;)  

May your imagination never cease to grow my lovelies <3



 Solo hiking in Somalia Gorge :D

Solo hiking in Somalia Gorge :D