Lets get it on

Alright wanderlusting, restless party people, I took a nice long walk up a big, big hill today and decided, "I've come all this way, and what am I doing??? It's down right time to set some goals down (in stone and eternally on the Internet) so I can really, truly change my life (as I had set out to do in June). Enough lolligagging! Let's get down to business! .... To defeat the hunssssss (oh yes, you were thinking it, I know you were ;))

THE goals:

In the meantime...
• Move to Austin. Why? Because this is where I want to be. So...

• Get an apartment

• Work to pay the bills (preferably lulu because I love the work environment and the people)

• Yoga teacher training asap: why, because I love this. Ahhh a good stretch and the opportunity to help others

• Learn to code and become a developer: why? To add to my skill set and get a better job that relates to my degree (mommy I love you this is for you)

• Continue Restless and Free
Develop Etsy Site: why, because I want to keep making beautiful things with my hands gosh darnit!