Hong Kong - the City of Gastronomic Dreams

Ahhh Hong Kong.....The first things that come to mind at the mention of this city are:

1. Mystery Water - (the random drop of liquid that falls from some unknown origin above you, onto your person....just keep telling yourself that its water)

2. Street Food - it may look a little sketchy, and you probably wont have a clue what any of it is, but if you're not a strict vegetarian, open your mind and open your mouth.

3. Shopping Malls - my favorite thing to do, is visit one bathroom in each mall. Why? Because they are BEAUTIFUL.

4. Public Transportation - I have never seen a system so clean and efficient in my life. Ahhh if only we had the Hong Kong MTR's, trolleys, and busses in the US, we would have so much less traffic and pollution.

I digress..,.

The best thing about this segment of my journey was that I got to travel with my brother. Mind you, five years ago, I wouldn't have been caught dead saying this. As children, we fought all the time, stabbed each other's eyes out of a majority of our family pictures, and refused any physical contact. Now that we've gained a little more maturity (emphasis on the little), we get along much better. As a travel companion, Evan tops the charts. He's always on the lookout for adventure, new foods to try, and different people to meet. Though he has a love for the finer things in life, he is able to travel on a budget when absolutely necessary. So upon arrival in our father's motherland, he wasted no time establishing a list of to-do's this time around.

Evan's Hong Kong Must's of 2015:

1. Eat a Night Wolf from Oddily

2. Have a Michelin Star worthy bowl of ramen from Jo Ramen

3. Take the AquaLuna tour of the harbor to see the light show in the evening

4. Go Shopping (one of the reasons why we get a long so darn well

5. Party in Lan Kwai Fang (an area of central notorious for the nightlife and foreigners)

I'm happy to report that we checked everything off the list, with each activity living up to its expectations.  If I had to relist them in order of priority (and personal preference) this is how it would go: 2, 5, 3, 1, 4.  Hopefully ill figure out how to post pictures soon so you guys can see. Until next time!

May your imagination never cease to flow