Shanghai 01 - My Oriental Cornucopia of Design Inspiration

Lions, and tigers, and fu dogs oh my!

Ten years ago, I visited this same city with clouded eyes full of anger and resentment of being in a foreign country with an inability to speak the language, no friends, no freedom to roam, and a full hot, mosquito filled summer ahead of me. Aside from visits to the bath houses, little about Shanghai appealed to 12 year old me. 

Lucky for me and you, times have passed and things have changed. For one, I've seemed to have developed a much more optimistic view on life so than now I can report back from my travels with witty and fun things to say about the people I've met and the things I've seen. But it wasn't just my attitude adjustment that mad me appreciate the visit this time around more - Shanghai changed too. International commerce increased so the city grew and meta morphed into a delicious, multicolored, hub for business, tourism, and innovation.

My favorite thing about Shanghai now is that it is chock full of good design - and its not just one certain style either. As an international city, you'll find futuristic Japanese skyscrapers next to Roman stone structures on an avenue of traditional oriental homes. In between all of this, you might find exquisitely peaceful gardens and temples. It may be a crazy mishmash of textures and forms but somehow the stark blend of old and new within the city just works.